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25 Awesome gifts for children that are not toys

The last thing most kids need is more toys for their birthday or Christmas. We often get asked for gift ideas for children by our party planners so we have created a list of the most awesome gifts for children that aren’t toys. If you’ve got a party to go to and you’re stuck for ideas, look no further than the ideas below…

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1. Classes.
There are so many fabulous classes available for children; music, dancing, art, tennis, martial arts, swimming. Check out your local paper or community/school notice boards to see what’s close to you.

2. Memberships.
Contribute to a zoo, museum or aquarium membership.

3. Dress up clothes.
Who doesn't love to dress up? You can create your won dress up box from a visit to an op-shop or your own wardrobe! Put them in a fancy box and you have hours of fun.

4. Magazine Subscription.
A good subscription will keep them occupied (and learning) for hours. We love National Geographic Kids because of its interactivity.

5. Tickets to an Event.
Movie tickets, or tickets to an event or show they would love. If you’re not sure, a voucher that they can use can be very handy.

6. Activities.
Kids love to be active, so tickets to an activity like mini golf, ice skating, horse riding or bowling will go down well. Buy a pair of tickets so they can take a friend.

7. Recipe + Ingredients.
Print out a recipe and package the ingredients up together with it. The time spent cooking together will be the best part of the present.

8. Arts and Craft Supplies.
Make up a craft box and include some crafty ideas for them to try. Kids love getting creative and the process will inspire you too!

9. Online Learning Subscription
Sites like Mathletics and Study Ladder provide hours of learning opportunities for kids.

10. Books.
Whether it’s an old school classic or a popular new release, you can never go wrong with a book. Always a wonderful gift.

11. Fishing Rod.
A pint-sized fishing rod is an awesome gift. Add a little tackle box with everything they need to spend a day outdoors by the water.

12. Cookbook and Apron.
A wonderful way to inspire an interest in cooking and healthy eating.

13. Calendar.
Children like knowing what is going on and they can mark important dates on their own calendar.

14. Puzzle
Puzzles are fabulous for mind development and rainy days!

15. Camping Gear – Sleeping bag, flash light.
Stock them up with some camping gear for their next adventure! A sleeping bag or a head torch to name a few.

16. Gardening Kit.
Feed their soul with some seedlings or a packet of seeds, some gardening gloves, fork, hand shovel and watering can.

17. Journal.
A journal with a personalised message/inspirational quote hand written on the front page is a personal and beautiful gift. You could even write some thought starters on a few of the pages to help to get them started.

18. Piggy Bank.
You’re never too young to start to learn the value of saving money.

19. Telescope.
Help them to discover the moon, the stars and beyond!

20. Magnifying Glass.
A great way to explore all of the bugs, leaves and all nature has to offer outdoor.

21. Board Game 
Remember the days before iPads? Kids don’t… a good board is a great alternative to more “screen time”. It promotes family time together, negotiation and occasionally, conflict resolution!

22. Easel or Chalkboard
Can be set up anywhere at home to encourage children’s imagination and free expression.

23. Globe.
Children can explore all of the places they have visited and discuss new places that they would like to go!

24. Musical Instruments.
Some bongos, a ukulele or a set of percussion instruments can provide the whole family with a lot of (noise)… but most importantly fun and an appreciation of music.

25. Sports Gear
Back yard cricket, badminton, a skipping rope, their favourite code's ball. A frisbee is also a wonderful addition to a family picnic.

As I am sure you will see with most of the children’s birthday gift ideas we have included in this list, it is the time together that they facilitate that is most valuable to both the gift giver and the receiver.

So the next time you are planning a party, or invited to one and you’re stuck for a birthday gift idea for a child, we hope this list might come in handy.

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