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Clever cupcake party ideas

The cupcake craze has been in full swing for a few years now, and thankfully it’s showing no signs of letting up!

  • A cupcake party is a cute idea for both kids and adults. It could be the theme for your older child’s next birthday, or equally suit a hen’s day, kitchen tea or other girly get-together. Here are some fun cupcake invites.
  • If you’re keen to be a cupcake party hostess, here are some planning considerations, whether you’re hosting the party at home or away:
  • Option 1: Host your cupcake party at home

    This option gives you flexibility – both with time and what you bake – so if your kitchen is large enough for a gaggle of girls, DIY your cupcake party at home. It’s easy to gather your supplies with a visit to a dedicated cupcake bakery, kitchen outlet or variety store. And you can have fun with decorations like cupcake stands for your finished creations, plus cute little boxes to take the extras home as favours! All you need to accompany the cupcakes are tea and coffee, and possibly some bubbles, making the catering pretty simple.
  • Test the recipes first

    You need to be sure that the cupcake recipe you’re using is tried-and-true. It would be too disappointing for you and your guests to have your cupcakes flop! Either use a recipe that you’ve been making successfully for years, or do a test run before party day if it’s a new recipe. Here are half a dozen recipes you might like:
  • Simple chocolate cupcakes
  • Vanilla cupcakes
  • Lemon meringue cupcakes
  • Brownie fudge cupcakes
  • Rocky road cupcakes
  • White chocolate cupcakes
  • Ensure you are well-supplied

    Buy ample ingredients and decorations for the cupcakes. Carefully study the recipe you intend to use, so you can ascertain the quantities required, then multiply that by the number of batches you want to make. Allow for extra ingredients in case a distracted guest stuffs up their mix and has to start all over again!
  • Ask all guests to bring their own apron, plus a 12-hole cupcake pan and mixing bowl. Then you should supply:
    • Ingredients for the cupcakes and icing
    • Patty cases in pretty designs
    • A selection of decorations – e.g. sugared flowers, sprinkles, silver balls, tiny lollies
    • Utensils – e.g. mixing spoons, measuring cups, spatulas
  • Allow enough baking time

    Make sure the party is long enough for you to mix up the cupcakes; cook them; allow them to cool; decorate them; eat a few with a cuppa; and box up the leftovers to take home. About four hours should suffice.
  • Option 2: Host your cupcake party at a cooking school or cupcake bakery:

    If you don’t have the space to host at home, there might be cupcake making and decorating classes in your area. This link has a list of cupcake bakeries Australia-wide – contact your closest one to see if they run baking classes. Otherwise, ask your local cooking school if they’d consider running a cupcake cooking class for you and your entourage at their premises.
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