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24 Days till Christmas! Monday, 1 December 2008
It is December and there are only 24 days till Christmas, this helpful checklist will ensure nothing is left to the last minute.

Countdown Checklist

 If you haven’t already, write a gift list and start shopping!
 Start writing and sending Christmas cards.
 Deicide who will be hosting lunch/dinner on Christmas Day.
 Send out Christmas party invitations, click here for festive online invitations.
 Put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house.
 Decide how you can give back this Christmas. This could be done through a donation to a charity or by creating Christmas hampers for the less fortunate.
 Work out when your holidays begins and start counting down.
 Check your December calendar for work and social gatherings, organise sitters if necessary.
 Get the kids to write letters to Santa and get a photo with Santa!
 Stock the pantry with nibbles and drinks for all those unexpected guests.
 After all this, try and stop and take it all in and enjoy the energy of the Festive Season!!!

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