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Entertaining on a Budget Monday, 10 November 2008
With the festive season approaching, entertaining on a budget is a must. Be inspired by Ikea’s fantastic ways of transforming your dining room for any occasion without breaking your budget.

• Purchase tables that are versatile and extendable, allowing for extra guests.
• Decorate your table with artificial flowers or plants, these can be reused over again and require no maintenance.
• Ikea has a great range of candles and candle holders for all budgets. These can transform the atmosphere of any home and can be reused.
• Invest in plain linens that can be used for any occasion, white, neutral, brown and red table cloths and napkins can be used for a multitude of festive occasions throughout the year.
• There is nothing wrong with asking your guests to bring a plate of food with them.
• Buy in bulk where possible!
• Use old Christmas balls, tinsel and other decorations to bring some festive cheer to your Christmas lunch. Place them in a glass dish or vase, or scatter then on the table.

Click here to explore more of Ikeas dining range.

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